Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lilly Considers the Lilies

I first posted this blog last February 
when Sarah Beattie opened Consider the Lillies. 
South Shore Living Magazine's annual 
has just named Consider The Lillies (& Sarah) BEST FLORIST


Freewheelin' Friday
 Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts    


      Floral designer Sarah Beattie moved out of her basement and into her Standish Street shop in time for  Valentine's Day.   Our  seaside town is raving. She'll paraphrase Matthew 6:28 of course. 'Consider the lilies, they neither toil nor spin...' yet so naturally beautiful they need no adornment. Nor should we worry. 

 Sarah trained at The Flower School of NYC  & through Garden Club Federation of MA Flower Show School, but this flower lover comes by it naturally.  She's third generation ~~love for the art & talent nurtured by her grandmother & mother.    

      My protagonist Johanna is third generation,  running the adored family cottage as she searches for inspiration from the women who've gone before her. 

     And Lilly!  

     Any writer will tell you~~whether your heroine springs fully formed from your imagination or she's an enigma speaking to you as you type~~ by the time the book is finished you know her as well as you know yourself. (or your book is not finished)

     "Sugar, this darling shop has my name written all over it," she'd quip, linking elbows with Johanna as they decide on an arrangement for the treehouse. No matter that she was Lonnye-Ronette & plucked her new name Lilly from the label in her summer shift. 

12 Standish Street  Duxbury MA 
Tuesday ~~ Saturday  10 am till 6 pm

 Sarah Beattie's signature floral designs bring out the simple beauty of the flowers themselves. She's the perfect choice for special occasions,  design sessions and workshop presentations.

courtesy of MS Photography 

Follow Johanna & Lilly's example~~
Treat yourself.
Pick up a unique arrangement & settle down with a good read. 

✍   ✍   ✍  ✍  ✍  ✍


Three Dilemmas, Two friends One Deserted Tree House 
during a simmering summer on Lake Allamuchy

Thank you to my readers who shot The Chick Palace onto Nook's eBook bestseller list.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sizzle Week Sale!

Now through Sunday!
Join Johanna & Lilly in The Chick Palace
for $.99!

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More than summer is sizzling at Lake Allamuchy 
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Sizzle Week part 2

Have you ever visualized your setting 
before you had a plot?

Imagined interiors before you had characters 
to occupy them?
Conjured up houses clear as a July lakeside morning? 

   The 1760s Moravian farmhouse  
sits around a bend at the southeast outlet,
   completely out of character with the cottages.

Across the lake in the northeast corner there's a family compound: 
former chauffeur's quarters over the garage & a sleeping porch. 
A clay tennis court once filled the level field 
where the oak tree stands. 

I lolled away childhood summers in a nearby bungalow
 listening to tales of earlier generations. 

It was just a matter of time until I added a tree house,
created some characters 

hatched a plot.

☀  ☀  ☀


Three Dilemmas, Two Friends, One Deserted Tree House 
during a simmering summer on Lake Allamuchy

Monday, July 2, 2012

sizzle week

 Family  Former family
In-laws Ex-laws Ex-ex-laws 
 A black snake  

It's Fourth of July week at Lake Allamuchy.

Head on over 
catch a bit of the chaos. 


A lakeside romp fueled by friendship, family, 
one old flame not averse to once again testing the waters