Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Best laid plans...

Simple & straightforward:
Set up my laptop & knock off a bit of the rough draft of Chapter One while baking for Thanksgiving.

   The first diversion scrambled across the carpet and into my line of vision.
I slathered feta cheese on a trap which let go twice on my finger.  I moved the laptop out of the room & onto the kitchen counter.

☟☟  This was my goal  ☟☟ 

This was the view through my stove door.

This is the extent of my baking ability. 

This is the extent of my rough draft:
Guccione/New Book                                          1

Chapter One

And there's a far stronger chance of the chaos winding up in my story than cranberry bread making it to a serving plate
or the mouse winding up in the trap.