Friday, March 30, 2012

Over the Top!!

✎ It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts

~~and this one's delicious~~

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"Did-jah eat?"

     Creator, baker, designer & owner Joanne Miceli Slater  grew up with the Italian mantra offered to anyone crossing the family threshold. 

     Today she's hoping you've left room for dessert.

Joanne on the go
in the back of her SUV 
You know the juggling act: 
Marriage, children, 26 years in the workforce deferred the dream.

 Till now.

"At last my passion for producing & presenting irresistible cupcakes is no longer a dream. ...patience, persistence...continued support of family & friends..."  

Like The Chick Palace's Johanna & Lilly,
Joanne's celebrating "the far side of fifty"
and in her case, 
the success of this mouthwatering endeavor.


            Let's start with Cupcake in a Jar
For fun...

or for a fundraiser
click & scroll to"what's new?"


and now the main event

Peppermint PatticakeLemon Delight
Key Lime Lovers FixHoly Cannoli
Pineapple ParadiseNannie'sBirthday
Boston CreamTiramisu

And that's just for starters!

If you're close to Stuart, Florida, 
buzz on over. 
If not, you're as close 
as Facebook, the website or the phone.

 Over the Top Cupcakes 
one delicious delivery!

200 SE Seville Street - Suite One, Stuart, FL  34994 -  
Phone: (772) 288-2417 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Share Our Books...

Check out this great new organization for budget-strapped schools &/or community-reads programs short of funds but long on enthusiasm:

The uber-talented  Sara Pennypacker
author of the fabulous Clementine books, 
came up with this brilliant idea:

Share Our Books ☚click here

Here's how it works:
       AShare Our Books you'll find a list of author-donated books suitable for elementary school community reads,  available free of charge for periods of six weeks. In addition to the books, each participating author provides a welcoming introductory video and a list of trivia questions. 

      When the books arrive, the school distributes them and implements the read. 
      All we ask is that when the read comes to an end, the books be repackaged & shipped to the next community. 

The donated books represent the best in children's literature.

Barbara O'Connor

Children's authors and their publishers have teamed up to help spread the love of reading.

So go ahead. 

Plan a Community Reads or School-wide Reads event.

Honors include The Newbery Award, The Coretta Scott King Honor Award, Jane Addams Peace Association Honor Award, ALA Notable, School Library Journal Best Books, 
& New York Public Library 100 Best Books.

Request some books.

Start reading.

Then spread the love. 

Friday, March 9, 2012


✎ It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts

It's also launch week for writer/artist/illustrator
BRIAN LIES☚cool website

Have I mentioned that he has wheeled around in these...  

☚ ➷ 

because Brian's the New York Times
bestselling author of these.

And now there's...

a LOT more~~
Brian takes I.C. Springman's spare 
perfectly chosen words:
  illustrates a magpie on a mission,
 {the twigs, a marble, that comb, those blocks...}
 and mice sounding the alarm,

He'll have you counting, poking & studying,
{the pocket watch, a tarnished rattle, 
that harmonica,
those stamps & that ace of spades...}
with ~& without~a toddler at your knee. 

There's even, ummm, more! 
Brian illustrated this tale of the hoarding magpie on handmade papers. He chose half a dozen sheets, from pale & nearly clear, to dark & fibrous " echo the crescendo of the bird's collection, with papers which crescendoed in deepening color and organic inclusions~banana and mango leaf pieces, hay, etc." 

❆  Savor every page 
❆  MORE  
a joyful read & cautionary tale for all 
~little guys to grownups~ 
brought to life by a master at his craft.

"Dramatic paintings add depth and foreboding to a lesson about excessive materialism."--Kirkus

"The fable offers a finely drawn, restrained 'less is more' lesson about attachment to things."--Publishers Weekly

"This is a timely, clearly needed fable for contemporary society as it tries to unravel itself from excessive materialism. Ideal for discussions about reducing consumption."--School Library Journal, starred review

Head to your nearest indie bookstore
Pick up MORE for the child in your life 
MORE for your permanent collection. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Couldn't hardly spit." Well, Glory Be!

Hanging Moss, Mississippi ~ 1964
It's July, it's hot & rather than integrate, 
rumor has it they're closing the pool.

Gloriana Hemphill's about as steamed as her sidewalks.

GLORY Be, my friend Gusty's in the midst of her Mississippi book tour! 

She's visiting classrooms & book stores, 
chatting about her sweet & savvy mid-grade novel~~
     ~~including Junk Poker, Emma,  Jesslyn & Elvis, plus every other thing I love about the goings-on that pivotal July now known as Freedom Summer. 
    And what's a launch party without some southern specialties? Thursday there'll be a reunion of childhood friends sipping & savoring recipes right from the book. This of course includes Gusty's pimento cheese sandwiches

Those of you in the Jackson, MS, area, 
buzz over to her book signing. 
She has lots to say & a magical way of saying it.  

☟☟click here
4 pm,  Thursday, March 8th

    202 Banner Hall   ✍✍   4465 I-55 North 
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 366-7619

a skate key, pecans, shells, 
A tiny notebook...
Junk Poker
in a Buster Brown shoe box!

Click here  & link to her blog 
 book reviews, book chat 
& all things lit'ry 

Lemuria in Jackson, Westwinds in Duxbury
From Mississippi to Massachusetts
 for great reads start at your local indie


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You know that BLACK HOLE you wonder about?


Carolyn DeCristofano wondered about it, too, 
 tackled the topic for middle school readers 
in her new book illustrated by Michael Carroll. 

✰ ✰ 
 Kirkus Reviews sings her praises.
☟☟ click here for full review ☟☟

Carolyn says it best:

"I love the creative challenge of developing activities & exhibits that stretch how people think about science. ..." 

  Pop in on her interview with Barbara O'Connor @ Greetings From Nowhere ☚ click 

Or catch her in person

    Tuesday, March 20, 7:00 PM: 
    Wellesley Books; 
    Book Launch Party and Interactive Demo

    Wednesday, April 4, 7:00 PM: 
    South Shore Astronomy Club, Norwell, MA. 

     Saturday, May 12, time tbd: 
    Reading and Signing; 
Charlesbridge Publishing Celebrates 
Children’s Book Week, Watertown, MA 
(Details at or inquire:



for middle school readers 
✰       ❋      ❆     ✥     ✽      ❇