Friday, October 19, 2012

It's the berries!

 It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts

Once upon a time
When I had black hair and toddlers,
genre romance was full of cowboys & ranches 
penthouses & limousines. 
I discovered it was a whole lot easier to  
write about what was right under my nose in 
coastal Massachusetts.

So I hung around the bogs, strapped on some waders, corralled some cranberries 
& created six hard working siblings. 

                       Mid-October's come around again. 

                      Time to to salute Kevin, Sean, Drew,
                                   Ryan, Jody & Matthew:
                                   my Branigan brothers.

                Yup! The most fun a girl can have on paper.


About Karen Williams said...

Leslie- this is great! Loved those books BTW...of course you know.

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Great photo of the bogs. And you, of course. Maybe now you shd write about their children!