Monday, January 7, 2013

HGTV Comes Calling

It's a wrap!

About nine years ago my daughter Amy & husband Rob MacMillan married & set up housekeeping in a converted Newport, RI, greenhouse...


...originally the produce (floral & vegetable) heart of Bonnie Crest,
 which sits few hundred yards north on Brenton Cove.

☀   ☀   ☀

Then came the query from HGTV:

Could they  film a segment for  YOU LIVE IN WHAT? 

A resounding YES 

the filming date was set: 
January 3,  4 & 5, 2013

tentatively scheduled to air in February

Kitchen renovation complete 
Christmas tree and decorations down
Kids back in school
Dog in the car

Dallas-based producer Monika Watkins at AMS Pictures arrived with videographer Scott Anderson & CT freelance sound engineer Mike Larini.

Amy led them through the story of structural additions & subtractions.

Then Rob regaled them with tales of renovations & the guts of the operation~~from the basement coal chute that heated the glass enclosure to estate cisterns designed to irrigate the production field.

Monika & her crew were generous enough to let me hang around. I behaved & didn't intrude which never does a writer any good, of course. Alas, I can offer no relevant details. I left mid-afternoon as Rob was leading them to the basement.

The taping continued till dark.

Saturday they were back for more ☟

Phew! I presume the hours of chat will be boiled down. 
Then again, Converted Newport Greenhouse would make an excellent  miniseries.



Anonymous said...

Love this, Leslie ! I hope to see the finished product when it is released. She is so talented ! (and looks alot like Joe, as I am sure you have been told many times) xoxo Ruth

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the 'film'!
How exciting!

Eileen in Atlanta

About Karen Williams said...

Great to see you back on the blog and what a blog! Great photos. Great material. Hope I get to see the show!