Sunday, November 20, 2011


As we gear up for America's ultimate travel week, I'm reminded that I first searched for Goldbug in this beloved classic 30+/- years ago.

*So many times that when the Duxbury Free Library ordered a fresh one, our children's librarian gave my 2 youngest what they already considered their own tattered, dog-eared copy.

*So many times it was conversation fodder among us nursery school parents.

I was Mommy then. I'm Marmie now & on the hunt again.

Last Christmas our friend Bill gave a freshly minted edition to my favorite toddlers. Now a second generation of diminutive index fingers points and pounds. "There's Goldbug!" I tell them Mistress Mouse (my teenage nickname) in her pink tow truck is Marmie Mouse. (Oh that I were so car savvy!)

Personalizing picture books is one of the joys of reading aloud. We make them our own. We make them our stories.

This week when things that go get me where I'm bound, I'll give thanks.
*For parents who read to me
*For a country that supports a system of free libraries
*For Story Hours everywhere

and especially for family & friends who share the journey

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Augusta Scattergood said...

My kids also loved that book.
And yay for the librarians of the world!