Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Couldn't hardly spit." Well, Glory Be!

Hanging Moss, Mississippi ~ 1964
It's July, it's hot & rather than integrate, 
rumor has it they're closing the pool.

Gloriana Hemphill's about as steamed as her sidewalks.

GLORY Be, my friend Gusty's in the midst of her Mississippi book tour! 

She's visiting classrooms & book stores, 
chatting about her sweet & savvy mid-grade novel~~
     ~~including Junk Poker, Emma,  Jesslyn & Elvis, plus every other thing I love about the goings-on that pivotal July now known as Freedom Summer. 
    And what's a launch party without some southern specialties? Thursday there'll be a reunion of childhood friends sipping & savoring recipes right from the book. This of course includes Gusty's pimento cheese sandwiches

Those of you in the Jackson, MS, area, 
buzz over to her book signing. 
She has lots to say & a magical way of saying it.  

☟☟click here
4 pm,  Thursday, March 8th

    202 Banner Hall   ✍✍   4465 I-55 North 
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 366-7619

a skate key, pecans, shells, 
A tiny notebook...
Junk Poker
in a Buster Brown shoe box!

Click here  & link to her blog 
 book reviews, book chat 
& all things lit'ry 

Lemuria in Jackson, Westwinds in Duxbury
From Mississippi to Massachusetts
 for great reads start at your local indie


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