Friday, March 2, 2012

SAIL ON! (& recycle while you're at it.)

It's Freewheelin' Friday!
 Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts  

It began with my son-in-law's creation. My industrial design major son was in desperate need of oversized, sturdy portfolio storage.
Quantum had the cast-off sails & the industrial sewing machines.


Quantum Sail Design Group, Newport, RI  
makes a lot of spinnakers.

Spinnakers by Umberto Luparelli 

And  I got to thinking~
which  lead to my dragging colorful scraps home,

to try my hand at "Purse Snatchers," my recycled spinnaker, fold-to-nothing size, shopping bags. I keep mine in my purse (because I forget the ones in the car). 

  click here☟
Resails/P.O.S.H.yachting  made the purse, and my favorite overnight bag. They make just about anything from just about everything connected to nautical cast-offs.  

Quantum's way ahead of me in the recycle department. Since they make sails for the big guys, they have lots to play with.  Tim Wilkes Photography

In conjunction with  11th Hour Project  & Sailors for the Sea, they're dedicated to clean regattas & racing responsibly. 

Take a look at 11th Hour's new Newport office~~
Used Quantum sails room dividers:

Used Quantum sails & shipping pallets recycle bins:

 ~~recycled for recycling~~
clever, creative & responsible

 an artistic endeavor worth applauding &
so click on over to their Facebook pages:


Augusta Scattergood said...

I love my purse snatcher. I've protected my precious Junk Poker box inside it on every step of the way. Through rain and sleet. Because if it gets lost/ damaged, I don't think I'll find another on ebay!
Thank you, Leslie.

About Karen Williams said...

Love everything about this from the ocean to the recycling to my very own purse!

Brian K said...

Would love to get my hands on some of the material to make a custom room divider. Anybody have suggestions on where I could obtain the material?

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

Brian K~~I have no contact info for you. You can either go to their websites or e-mail Put your info in he subject line.