Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cast-offs & Commitment~~Sail On, revisited

photo by legalwheel @ 
In March
about the 
going on in the brick building shown above,
housing the new office my daughter shares 
@ 11th Hour Racing in Newport, R.I.

It's April
 The project's finished 
& Amy featured it in
Upcycling the Office With a Nautical Touch

Click above for Amy's full scoop,
 before and after shots 
& the story of what 
imagination, determination 
& a clever sense of design can do. 

photo by Miranda Harple
To get you started, here's the table 
crafted by Cody Harple 
from wood reclaimed from the
classic 1885 yacht Coronet 
currently under restoration down the street at IYRS
the International Yacht Restoration School

& the finished conference area now enclosed 
by Quantum's recycled sails & shipping pallets. 
photo by Miranda Harple
To bring you full circle, 
below I've recycled part of my March blog 
showing early project photos

 It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
 Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts  

makes a lot of spinnakers...
Spinnakers by Umberto Luparelli 

 Since they make sails for the big guys, they have lots to play with.  Tim Wilkes Photography

In conjunction with  11th Hour Project  & Sailors for the Sea, they're dedicated to clean regattas & racing responsibly. 

Take a look at 11th Hour's new Newport office~~
Used Quantum sails room dividers:

Used Quantum sails & shipping pallet recycle bins:

 ~~recycled for recycling~~
clever, creative & responsible

In Amy's words:
Using reclaimed materials was a must 
for our office.  
We are very conscious about minimizing 
the use of non-essential materials 
and maximizing the use of old materials 
by re-purposing them. 

This is an artistic endeavor worth applauding &
so click on over to their Facebook pages:
Quantum Sails Newport   &  11th Hour Racing