Friday, April 13, 2012

Full Circle

 It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts

     To bring my ramblings on (click 'em ☛) Scribner's, ◆ Maxwell Perkins,Treasure Island & N.C. Wyeth full circle, here's my secret:

Once upon a time I wanted to illustrate children's books.
Osmosis had a lot to do with it. 
Andrew Wyeth    North Light
     For two years before I left home for college & what passes as my adult life, I studied painting with Carolyn Wyeth in her father N.C. Wyeth's Chadds Ford, PA,  studio.
Carolyn Wyeth
      As her only teenaged student, I also fed the dogs, crawled through the window when she locked us out, (sat outside on a bench for half an hour the day of my portfolio review when she forgot my interview) painted, memorized her critiques, & listened. 

"Old Pew" N.C. Wyeth
for R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island
Scribner's Illustrated Classics 
     Her father reigned as America's preeminent illustrator during its Golden Age &  his birchbark canoe still hung in the rafters. He'd been dead for 20 years by then but his bottles, busts & palettes, saddles ~~props of every kind~~ leaned in corners & filled musty shelves as if he'd just gone over to the family house down the path.  

  On my last day at the studio, Carolyn gave me the Dundee Marmalade jar she & her father~~& I~~had used to mix that linseed oil and turpentine. 

Now it holds pens & pencils on my desk.


As it turned out, I don't illustrate books, I write them. 
                                             But my friend & cohort Brian Lies does both.
     It didn't take long for us to discover our mutual love of "Old Pew." Look closely. Brian's homage to Wyeth's masterpiece appears in his NYTimes best seller 
                                                               BATS AT THE LIBRARY    
Bats at the Library 
     When Brian discovered I have the Treasure Island poster in my office, he surprised me with his pencil study.

My homage to two beloved  illustrators... 
Homage for me.
Pilgrimage for you?

Maxwell Perkins CT house &  
The Snapdragon Inn, Windsor, VT

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' homestead Cross Creek, FL

N.C. Wyeth's house & studio via 
The Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, PA

The original Charles Scribner's Sons bookstore 

597 Fifth Avenue 
between 48th and 49th Streets
New York, New York


Barbara O'Connor said...

This is so lovely and informative.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Nice lamp!

Brian Lies said...

Thank you for the mention, Leslie! Very interesting post.

. . . is it wrong to covet a marmalade jar???

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

Brian, that's how/why I was given the marmalade jar. :)