Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Sky, Big News, Big Applause

 It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts

     For months I've tinkered with an unfinished  blog about cover art, the delicate process of designers & artists working with editors & authors to create that single image that says it all. 

   Then Barbara O'Connor posted her directive to get on over to Kirby Larson's blog for her big cover news. 

   So let's start there. Take a look at what Kirby has to say about the sequel to her wonderful Hattie Big Sky, Hattie Ever After. 

I'm not giving anything away. Head to Kirby's blog.

And mark your calendar for February, 2013.


Kirby Larson said...

You are a love to post this, Leslie! Thank you.

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

And you are a love to say so. Loved Hattie and hankering for more of her story!