Friday, January 25, 2013

A chaise by any other name...

 It's Freewheelin' Friday! 
Dedicated to Artistic Endeavors of all Sorts

       I write. I read. 
I critique manuscripts. 

 * my own work 
 * my freelance clients' 

I whine. I complain. 
I roam around the house, 
from hard back chair to ergonomic home office model,
to kitchen counter stool.

And on occasion I solve my own problems.

My "shaze"

⬇   ⬇   ⬇

I grew up calling these a chaise lounge. "Shaze lowwnge"
However, that seems to be an Americanization (ok, bastardization) of 
zee French: chaise longue. Long chair. 

A few years back author Penny Dawn & I ran this around. 
     I was her mentor, supervising her masters thesis, the wonderfully sexy Measuring Up whose wonderfully sexy hero owned one. I can't remember which spelling she used but I questioned it. She asked her decorator mother for a third opinion. (Mine being the second)

     More recently I've heard a news anchor and some HGTV house hunters pronounce it chase long. Chase long?  <clutches draperies>

Whatever the pronunciation, I own one. 
     It was bought second hand, supported my snowboarding youngest following collarbone surgery, then put in a stint at my daughter's. By the time I got it back the cushion covers were gone. It's neither my style nor my colors. But it's incredibly comfortable & had potential as a perfect solution. 

Per usual I was long on creativity & short on funds.

$21.00 plus tax got me a room-size painter's drop cloth. 

A week's worth of long hours, 
more hand sewing than I'd anticipated, 
& BAND-AIDs (to keep blood from my pricked fingers from staining) 
produced my slipcovered chaise longue.

C'est la perfect respite from hard backed chairs & stiff kitchen stools.
C'est also perfect for zee lounging.


That's French for comfy solution.


About Karen Williams said...

Great blog. Perfect circular set up and comment on the writing life. The writing is never separate from life...on so many levels. OK, Now I want a "chase long" ;-)

Penny Dawn said...

Meline would probably cringe with my French, but...

Votre chaise longue est tres belle!

Penny Dawn

Augusta Scattergood said...

I know one piece of writing advice is
"Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed."

But now the question becomes, How do you type with bandaids and bloody fingers.
I love this post!