Monday, February 13, 2012

Goat cheese & Nutella. Trust me.

Yes these are bridge inspired cookies. 
No, I did not bake them. 

At first glance cookie baker extraordinaire, foodie and all around Kitchen Goddess~~KG~~Lee Hilton & I are polar opposites.  She stays up all night cracking eggs and shaving chocolate. I get up with the sun and reupholster wing chairs with my kids' cast off blue jeans.  

      But like the best friendships, we have  a symmetry. When I moved from New Jersey I gave her my grandmother's c.1917 bridge suits cookie cutters. When Lee  moved west, she mailed me her collection of fabric scraps. (I used some to fashion the chair piping.)

     We have plenty in common, including our love of the written word. Lee's an invaluable "cold reader." When I mentioned that my Chick Palace heroine Lilly Covington would be divorced twice from the same guy, it was Lee who  quipped, "She'll call him Ex-ex."
I'm a huge fan of her "Spoon & Ink" blogs & the way she combines her sassy take on life with the mouthwatering. I linked her post on her father's BBQ to my protagonist Johanna mulling over her mother's recipe. Now I'm waiting for her blog on stew to link them again.

✍  ✍  ✍  ✍

      In the meantime, speaking of piping, you can imagine how flattered I was yesterday when she called needing help with her post on goat cheese chocolate truffles. Me! In the same essay with Manhattan pastry chef Leigh Friend & lines like "mysteriously delicious and not overwhelmingly sweet."  Yes, I was able to help. Toward the end of her essay, after the bridge details & the recipe, within"Kitchen Goddess notes," 
you'll find my 2 word contribution: coping saw

Remember: symmetry. And these are perfect for nibbling while you read The Chick Palace.

Leigh Friend & Lee Hilton's goat cheese truffles,
courtesy of Spoon & Ink 


Lee Stokes Hilton said...

You are the easiest person to collaborate with. Am taking The Chick Palace -- via Kindle -- with me today.

Karen Williams said...

You're getting really good at this and I think you are liken' it too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You're getting good at this and I think you are liken' it ;)KLW