Friday, February 3, 2012

Raise another margarita! Carla Neggers' latest has launched!

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       Back in my fresh-out-of-college days at the Massachusetts Heart Association, I was loaned to the Greater Boston Chapter to help direct public relations. My assistant was an irreverent, smart-as-a-whip, musically inclined Boston University intern. Carla Neggers played the French horn and had been penning fiction in the branches of her Western MA sugar maples since childhood.

       We shared a love of creative writing & another set of bosses in a fundraising firm. And then the tables turned. Carla studied the publishing crystal ball. Quicker than you can say IBM Selectric, she found her niche & polished what we now call genre romances. She suggested, cajoled & guided me down the same path, agent included.  We were off and juggling: jobs, families, manuscripts & monthly meetings of the fledgling New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America which she founded.

Back then heroines were city slick,  urbane, often in peril & just as often in satin & heels. Carla's tended to be country casual, holding their hair back with rubber bands from the broccoli. They were also independent, savvy, irreverent, genre-bending women. 

  63+ titles, NYTimes and USAToday best sellers later, 
I'm tooting her horn:
 Secrets of the Lost Summer has launched & you'll want to follow Olivia Frost from Boston home to KnightsBridge. 
☝Give it a click & check out her website. 

     As for Carla, she  can still be found in the branches via her blogs on the writing life.


I've put my own savvy women up in the trees.

Head over to Barnes & Noble or Amazon
Grab your Nook or Kindle and join them. 


A lakeside romp fueled by friendship, family, and one old flame 
not averse to once again testing the waters

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