Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ping! ... redux.

     Yesterday's blog seems to have set off a lot of pings! in the nostalgia department. Recollections of the cut & paste days. Fun recollections. Do we want them back? Not so much.    
      Michele Ivy Davis, a California-based writer, even commented that back in the day she ironed manuscript submissions that were returned wrinkled:  "I sure didn't want to type them all over again!" 
     Seriously Generation X & Yers, Downton Abbey's footmen were not the only ones who put irons to paper. (As an aside, we also ironed our hair & nearly everything that came out of a washing machine.) 

      The computer revolutionized the production process but until fairly recently they were still printed & mailed. Even rejected manuscripts were returned. (S.A.S.E.!) With cover letters. These however, are other blog topics.
So here we are. 
No longer ironing pages
No more rubber cement & Scotch tape
Rarely do we even print & mail manuscripts.     
 No more hard copy 

      Fellow writer and critique partner Gusty Scattergood sounded the alarm:   
      "Oh and think of what we've lost. The writing process of all the famous writers of the 21st century will never be documented by typewritten pages with handwritten notes  on display at the Morgan Library, etc. Ah, progress."

      Mine are not at the Morgan. They're in the basement bound in rubber bands gone brittle and crumbly.

      With the exception of my spiral binder full of notes and research information, THE CHICK PALACE, 40,000 copies sold & counting, exists via attachments, CD files, cyber copies and JPEG covers. 

      It reminds me of how far we've come &  perhaps what we've traded in the process. 

The Chick Palace

Three Dilemmas, Two Friends, One Deserted Tree House

during a simmering summer on Lake Allamuchy
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