Thursday, January 12, 2012

As luck would have it, my cell phone rang.

I pulled it from my pocket hoping for the perfect interruption, glanced at it and shoved it back. … 
“…For heaven’s sake don’t blame yourself. I got the chance to spend a few hours feeling twenty-one again and Hot Dog Johnny’s seemed a perfectly harmless place to do it.”

“Was it?” Lilly rattled the magazine. “Perfectly harmless?”
I think my shoulders drooped. …
Her eyes widened. “Joho?”
The back of my throat tightened and I waved at the still summer air. “I have a phone call to make.” I started for the ladder and even shocked myself by bursting into tears.

Lilly jumped out of her beach chair so fast it fell back against the lattice. “Johanna, why are you--good Lord--weeping? What are you telling me?”
I swiped my eyes. “Telling you? Am I giving the impression I’m talking?”

 Johanna  Lawrence Wheeler, The Chick Palace 

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