Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“’Quintessential Graffiti; Art or Vandalism?’...

Man. I could do a whole art history report on Jake’s designs.” (Phoebe)  grinned at me.  
       “I’m sure he’d like that.”
       “...  I bet he could show me real sites in New York. Like Dad would even let me near them.”
       “Jake talks about a big warehouse in Queens with legal graffiti that changes all the time. Google the website. ‘Five Pointz’—with a Z. It’s legal and safe and your daddy could drive you in. Jake might could meet y’all there.”
       “Meet me with Dad? No way.”

       I detoured into Johanna’s kitchen for Jake’s number... . I also checked my reflection in the toaster, seeing as how I was driving Phoebe and her bike on over to the Bahnson Homestead. It was not like me to leave home without a fresh pounce of blusher but I sported lip gloss and little gold studs in my ears. ...

       We maneuvered along the lake road, past cottages with flags and patriotic bunting still fluttering from the holiday, their residents filling beachfronts, docks and floats. Lake Allamuchy the way I like it best.  

Lilly Drinkwater Covington,  The Chick Palace       

Three Dilemmas, Two friends 
and One Deserted Tree House 
during a simmering summer on Lake Allamuchy

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Augusta Scattergood said...

Having read TCP in various forms, I'm now trying to speed read it to get ready for OUR INTERVIEW coming up on the Southern Writers blog soon.

However, I can't.
I keep stopping and sighing. The writing is killing me. In a very good way.