Thursday, January 5, 2012

Couldn't hardly spit. Augusta Scattergood, GLORY BE

Hanging Moss, Mississippi ~ 1964

It's July, it's hot & rather than integrate, rumor has it they're closing the pool.

Gloriana Hemphill's about as steamed as her sidewalks.

It's official!
GLORY BE, my friend Gusty's sweet & savvy mid-grade novel debuts today. And what's a launch party without some southern specialties right out of the book?

Tuesday, if you caught this shot to fit my blog post, you caught her hastily e-mailed photo coming to my rescue from 1,419 miles south. She owns the Russel Wright plate & was fixing to mix the cheddar with mayo for her pimento cheese sandwiches.

They'll be served at her book launch tonight.

There'll be book talk and signed copies. She'll explain about Junk Poker, Freedom Summer, Emma and Jesslyn ~~ plus every other thing I love about the goings-on that pivotal summer in Hanging Moss, Mississippi.

If I weren't 1500 miles to the frozen north, I'd join her. For now I've got Glory to do the talking.

That what books, do, of course. Take us there.

In case you're in the Tampa vicinity:
Inkwood on Thursday night, Jan 5, at 6 pm. - 216 S. Armenia, Tampa, FL 33609, 813 253-2638.
You wont want to miss her talk about writing this important story.
Augusta is a master of voice and when you hear her speak, youll know why.

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Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, Leslie! And bless your heart.
You were there for the beginning, and for the whole rest of the trip. That counts for a lot. Many, many thanks.