Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not all WORDS at work

This time last year my art teacher/artist/creative genius friend Betsy Ogden decided to make a Christmas tree from Duxbury driftwood. We set off one freezing afternoon along the beach road, scarved and earmuffed, to scour the sand & scrub for discards.

Amidst good conversation and more than a little laughter, we managed to drag broken snow fencing, pine saplings, bits of destroyed lobster traps and the odd remnants of a summer bonfire back to her Jeep.

Home it went and with the help of her husband: VOILA

Friendship is the glue that binds THE CHICK PALACE. The easy ones you've had forever and the ones that just feel that way. The stuff that makes a December afternoon on a New England beach feel like July. The stuff in novels that makes turning the last page bittersweet.

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Augusta Scattergood said...

Oh, sigh. Loved this. And I can't wait till everybody gets to read The Chick Palace. They are in for such a treat.
Sighing again, good friend.