Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who's there?

Shakespeare, Hamlet, Prince of Darkness

I grew up with tales from my mother's childhood summers.

The house across the stream, with the chauffeur's quarters
over the garage & a sleeping porch.

A clay tennis court, gone to seed during WW2 when gas
was rationed & fewer folks could get there to maintain it.

A dock and canoe. Always a dock, always a canoe.

Lily pads. Always the lily pads & painted turtles sunning themselves.

Who's There? Happy ghosts of summers past hovering just over the shoulders of the
happy figments of my imagination.

The Chick Palace

Three Dilemmas, Two Friends, One Deserted Tree House

during a simmering summer on Lake Allamuchy


Barbara O'Connor said...


Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I agree with BO'C -- lovely, and a bit haunting. And when can we get the story?

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

The Chick Palace launches 26th as an exclusive with Barnes & Noble Nook First. I can't wait and hope you can't either!