Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The mole had been working very hard all morning,

spring cleaning his little home.
Kenneth Graham, The Wind in the Willows

On my recent dump run, after the recycling and clothing donations, I hit the book exchange to donate some hardcover fiction and writing guides. Even though I'm no longer on the hunt for memorable first lines, I'm incapable of leaving without a quick perusal of what's on the shelves. And lucky for me.

As if to illustrate blog post #1, I spotted a copy of my Scholastic mid-grade novel NOBODY LISTENS TO ME, complete with my inscription on the title page.

Nov, 1991
Happy Reading, Meghan
♡ Leslie D. Guccione

Mine was a full house back then, including three children finding their voices, making their way. Write what you know.

Twenty years later my kids have found their voices & chosen their paths. I wonder if that long ago reader Meghan has, too. Twenty years later my current characters stumble along life's bumpy, circuitous routes and wonder about those roads not taken. As do we all.

(Johanna) "One minute we're singing along with Percy Sledge in Fraser Hall, the next we're losing parents and waving off children. How'd we get here so fast?"

(Lilly) "In my case? Mostly via the breakdown lane."

As Johanna and Lilly will tell you, humor smooths the way. Still, you'll want to fasten your seat belts.

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Augusta Scattergood said...

Okay, I can't even read Johanna's line without tearing up. Can't wait for the rest of the world to meet these new, fabulous characters.